What Are Shell Scheme Booths? Their Pros And Cons Explained

Key Takeaways:

  • Bigger is not always better
  • Be mindful of the drawbacks of shell schemes
  • Use interactive elements and presentations
  • Choose a good location at the event

Experium also offers such pre-built shell schemes of all shapes, sizes and themes. Contact us if you want to cooperate on a project for your next trade show or exhibition event!

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Shell schemes are exhibition or trade show booths that are standardized and have a pre-designed layout and structure. They have fewer customization options and are very limited compared to bespoke booths.

Shell scheme booths are usually appropriate for projects of smaller size, that have a fairly limited budget. They are more budget friendly and despite that offer a professional look.

If you are looking for an affordable solution for a trade show event or an exhibition event, shell schemes are the answer. They are a pre-designed solution that is appropriate for all projects of smaller scale. At Experium stock and budget-friendly don’t necessarily mean boring!  We offer such shell scheme options for exhibition events, where we make sure your brand stands out by making proper use of the space available.

Advantages Of Using Shell Schemes

One of the primary advantages of using a shell scheme booth is that its cost effective. They are frequently less expensive to use than custom booths because they are pre-built and standardized. Shell schemes are also quick and simple to set up and take down, which may save time and money.

Choosing a shell scheme is practical for projects of smaller scale. This is especially tempting for companies who do not have the funding or manpower to invest in a bespoke booth or who only exhibit at a small number of events each year.

Can Smaller Shell Scheme Booths Be Better?

The smaller and compact professional appearance of shell scheme booths is another advantage. They may produce a positive and coherent impression at the trade show because they are all the same size and have a consistent look. This is especially important for firms who are new to exhibiting but want to convey a professional appearance to prospective customers. Therefore, using a such a pre-designed booth can be a great entry point for many companies.

Shell Schemes Also Have Quite Some Drawbacks

When using a shell scheme, there are certain drawbacks to consider. One significant downside is the lack of customization options. Because the display layout is predetermined, there is little room for creativity in making the booth stand out among other exhibitors. This might make it tough to effectively design the booth and differentiate yourself from the competing companies. Consider whether the lack of personalization is a deal breaker for your company and whether a custom booth would be a better match.

Another possible disadvantage is a crowded and cluttered appearance at the event. With so many exhibitors adopting shell scheme booths, the exhibition hall may become congested, making it difficult for visitors to navigate and specific booths to stand out.

How To Maximize The Impact Of Your Shell Scheme Booth?

If you do decide to utilize a shell scheme, there are certain things you can do to make the most of your space. To add visual appeal to the stand, utilize branded graphics and signs. This can aid in increasing the visual attractiveness of the stand and help people remember your company after the event. Lighting and other booth accessories may also help bringing attention and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Use Interactive Elements And Presentations

Including interactive components and interesting presentations can also help to draw visitors to your exhibit. This might be as basic as providing a hands-on demonstration of your product or arranging a fun game or contest. You may not only attract more people but also create a memorable experience that they will associate with your brand.

Does The Shell Scheme Location Matter?

Of course! Location of your booth at the event is very important. Choosing an advantageous position inside the exhibition hall may also help you attract more customers. Ideally look for a place near heavy traffic areas or near other exhibitors who may draw similar crowds. However, this might come at a higher price since many other participants will try to secure the same or a similar location. This might be a drawback for exhibitors with really tight budgets, so keep that in mind.

Are Shell Schemes Worth It Or Not? The Final Conclusion

 Shell schemes are definitely worth the money for any company that is just getting started in the exhibition or trade show game. It might allow for a slow and less stressful entry and will certainly help you learn. For starters, it is advisable that they find a reliable exhibition partner, such as experium, to help them with setting everything up.

Finally, such stands provide a cost-effective and easy alternative for many exhibitors. However, it is essential to carefully weigh the benefits and downsides and try to make the most of the available space. You may create a profitable and memorable booth experience for your company.

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