How To Choose The Right Shell Scheme Stand?

  • Think of the advantages a shell scheme stand offers you
  • Know your preferred stand type
  • Check what different shell scheme stand packages include
  • Think of the branding
  • The right contractor can make your choice easier
  • Make sure your contractor has the option to include interactive elements and technology

Experium is a contractor for all sorts of stands that provides a turn-key approach to ehibition events. We offer our clients a wide variety of shell scheme stands, based on the needs and the budget. Contact us if you want to work on your next exhibition event project with us!

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A shell scheme stand is a pre-constructed stand that provides exhibitors with a ready-to-use exhibit space. The stand typically includes walls, a ceiling, carpeting, lighting, electrical outlets, and often some basic furnishings.

The cost of a shell scheme stand can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the stand, the inclusions in the package, and the location of the trade show or exhibition. On average, the cost of a standard shell scheme stand can range from a few hundred to several thousand, while bespoke and custom builds can cost much more.

A shell scheme stand is a pre-constructed stand that provides exhibitors with a standard variety of options. The stand typically includes walls, a ceiling, carpeting, lighting, electrical outlets, and often some basic furnishings. A shell scheme is a cost-effective and convenient option for exhibitors, especially for those participating in trade shows for the first time or those with limited resources.

As an experienced exhibition contracting agency, we understand the importance of creating a professional and impactful trade show experience. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate the world of shell scheme stands. In this article you will find all the tips on how to choose the right shell scheme stand.

What Advantages Do You Get From A Shell Scheme Stand?

When deciding on what type of stand to use, and if the shell scheme is right for you - you should make a list of the advantages each one brings.

There are several advantages to using a shell scheme stand that attract most of our customers. Firstly, shell scheme stands are cost-effective compared to custom-built stands. Secondly, they are easy to assemble and dismantle, making them a practical option for exhibitors who need to set up and take down their stand quickly. Thirdly, shell scheme stands are ready-to-use and versatile, providing exhibitors with a professional appearance and all the necessary elements for a successful exhibition.

Know Your Stand Type

There are several types of shell scheme stands to choose from, including standard shell scheme, bespoke shell scheme, and custom build. Standard shell scheme stands are pre-fabricated and offer basic inclusions, while bespoke and custom builds allow for more customization and personalization. We recommend you use the one that fits both your budget and what you are trying to accomplish at the event!

Check The Inclusions In A Shell Scheme Stand Package

A typical shell scheme stand package includes things like: stand structure, lighting, carpet, signage, and often furniture and display units. Some contractors may also include additional services like graphic design, storage, and transportation. It is important to understand what is included in the package and what additional services may incur additional costs. If you decide on including a lot of options and extra services, you might be better off just choosing a regular custom stand or a booth.

At Experium, we believe that a shell scheme stand should be a turnkey solution for our clients, providing them with everything they need to create a professional and impactful trade show experience. That’s why we’ve designed our shell scheme stand packages to include all the essentials and more! Contact us if you want more details on our packages or to work with us.

Think Of Designing And Branding Your Shell Scheme Stand

One of the key benefits we almost always observe with shell scheme stands, is that it provides exhibitors with a blank canvas to showcase their products and services. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity by designing and branding the stand in a way that reflects your company's image and values. Consider factors like color schemes, graphics, and messaging when designing your stand. Be mindful of all of the mentioned factors when deciding which type of shell scheme stand might be right for you.

Key Considerations When Choosing Your Stand

When choosing a shell scheme stand, there are several important considerations we really recommend you keep in mind:

  • Consider the size and layout of your stand, together with the space you have available. Pick out a stand that provides enough space for your products, displays, and staff and is easy to navigate and appealing to visitors.
  • Think about the location and visibility of your shell scheme stand. Make sure that your stand is located in a prime spot that is easily visible to visitors. This might come with an extra cost so be careful to not overspend!
  • Take budget and time constraints into account when you are making decisions. Choose a stand that fits within your budget and can be set up and taken down within the allotted time frame. It is easy to get carried away when picking various options.
  • Consider branding and customization options that your contractor provides. Go for a stand that can be branded and customized to reflect your company’s image and message.
  • Find a good contractor, which will help you with the whole experience and make your decisions and actions easier.

Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Shell Scheme Stand

Finding the right contractor is the key part of the puzzle in most cases. If you manage to find a good contractor, they will remind you of all of the things you need to take care of yourself. Most of the difficulties will be handled by them, you just have to make sure that they provide shell scheme stand options that you want to go with.

At Experium, we understand the importance of choosing the right shell scheme stand for your business. That’s why we offer a wide range of options to suit every budget, location, and business need. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your requirements and recommend the best shell scheme stand for your needs.

Does The Contractor Offer Enhancement Elements?

To enhance the visitor experience at your trade show or exhibition, consider a contractor that can include interactive displays, sounds, lights and other technology. These elements will not only attract visitors to your stand but also provide a memorable and engaging experience that will leave a lasting impression. When choosing the right shell scheme stand, keep this in mind!

Are Ready To Make A Choice?

In conclusion, shell scheme stands offer a cost-effective and professional solution for companies that are attending trade shows and exhibitions. With several types of stands to choose from, inclusions in the package and technological options, it is important that you choose the right contractor to ensure you are successful at the event. If you feel like you need more information feel free to contact us!

And if you’re ready to make a choice – you can collaborate with us on a shell scheme stand that will help you achieve your goals at the next event.

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