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Key Information and Dates:

The show WORLD TRAVEL MARKET LATIN AMERICA is being organized in São Paulo (Brazil) by RX Global Events in Expo Center Norte, from 4/2/2024 untill 4/4/2024.
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Mart Šetinc

Exhibition and events professional with global experience. Mart has managed events for various international key decision makers worldwide.


Unveil the Treasures of Travel at WORLD TRAVEL MARKET LATIN AMERICA 2024


Discover the Pulse of Latin American Tourism


The prestigious WORLD TRAVEL MARKET LATIN AMERICA 2024 sets the stage for an unparalleled industry gathering in São Paulo, Brazil, from April 2 to April 4. This prominent B2B occasion, meticulously organized by RX Global Events, opens a vibrant portal to the wealth of destinations and industry segments targeting Latin America’s effervescent travel and hospitality sector. The event caters to international and Latin American travel professionals alike, presenting an optimal platform for networking, branding, and exploring the innovations steering today’s travel industry.


Trade Show Booth Mastery with Experium

Success at WORLD TRAVEL MARKET LATIN AMERICA hinges not only upon attendance but also the impactful presentation of your brand. Enter Experium, the artisan of trade show booths, whose expertise in crafting an engaging atmosphere will elevate your presence. A distinguished stand from Experium isn’t just an investment in space; it’s the induction of your brand into the hearts and minds of key players, creating a sanctuary where deals are struck, and connections are forged.

The Importance of a Well-Designed Exhibition Space

Your trade show stand is the frontline ambassador of your brand’s narrative. It communicates your brand vision, showcases your services, and must be designed to captivate the fast-paced travel industry’s elite. A booth from Experium transcends traditional limitations, combining stunning visuals with functional design, ensuring your message resonates clearly amidst the bustle of eager delegates and potential clients.

Preparations for the World Stage

Entering WORLD TRAVEL MARKET LATIN AMERICA with a meticulously prepared exhibit begins with clear objectives, resonant messaging, and the logistical prowess to execute a flawless presentation. Contemplate these elements with a critical eye:

  • Clearly define your goals for the event: from brand visibility to specific sales targets.
  • Develop a seamless visitor journey that guides visitors through your stand’s experience.
  • Train your team to embody your brand’s ethos and engage with attendees effectively.
  • Ensure a technological edge through interactive displays or immersive VR experiences, if relevant.

By harmonizing these components with the panache of a stand from Experium, businesses are poised to make a formidable impact.


Participants from the tourism, travel catering, hospitality industries, as well as marketing and selling sectors, find themselves in the epicenter of opportunity at WORLD TRAVEL MARKET LATIN AMERICA 2024. This event is not just a showcase but a think-tank where future market trends are discussed, buyer-seller dynamics are explored, and strategic partnerships are cultivated.

Benefits for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector

WORLD TRAVEL MARKET LATIN AMERICA is fertile ground for innovators in tourism and hospitality. Here, industry leaders showcase cutting-edge approaches to travel experiences, guest services, and operational excellence. Engage with attendees through a thoughtfully designed stand from Experium, ensuring your cutting-edge products and hospitality solutions are presented in a manner that captures both attention and business opportunities.

Marketing & Selling: A Convergence of Visionaries

Marketing gurus and sales strategists will discover a treasure trove of insights at WORLD TRAVEL MARKET LATIN AMERICA. The convergence of global leaders, influencers, and deal-makers under one roof presents an occasion like no other to propel your brand to new heights. With Experium’s trade show stands, form the bridge between innovative solutions and eager markets, setting a new standard in the art of closing deals.