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Key Information and Dates:

The show ELETROTEC+EM-POWER SOUTH AMERICA is being organized in São Paulo (Brazil) by Aranda Eventos e Congressos in Expo Center Norte, from 8/27/2024 untill 8/29/2024.
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Mart Šetinc

Exhibition and events professional with global experience. Mart has managed events for various international key decision makers worldwide.


Illuminate Your Industry Presence at ELETROTEC+EM-POWER SOUTH AMERICA 2024

Imagine a platform where the key disruptors and innovators of the energy sector converge. ELETROTEC+EM-POWER SOUTH AMERICA 2024 is set to become this nexus, propelling the future of energy across South America. Slated to ignite on August 27, 2024, and shine until August 29, 2024, at the bustling city of São Paulo, Brazil, this premier event is meticulously organized by Aranda Eventos e Congressos. As specialists in trade shows, ELETROTEC+EM-POWER is poised to host a power grid’s worth of dynamic players from industries such as Energy Production & Transportation, Clean Energies, Renewable Energies, and Electrical & Electro technical Engineering.

Unleashing the Power of Innovation in Energy

Stepping into ELETROTEC+EM-POWER SOUTH AMERICA 2024, attendees are met with a surge of novel technologies and groundbreaking insights. It is South America’s largest platform for the energy industry, where the great minds leading the charge towards sustainability and innovation come to share their vision. For professionals and businesses alike, this event offers an unmatched opportunity to network, learn, and contribute to the global discussion on energy solutions and strategies.

Mastering the Exhibition Space with Experium

Success at a trade show is often measured by the ability to attract and engage with attendees, and this is where having an outstanding trade show booth—designed and constructed by experts like Experium—becomes invaluable. At ELETROTEC+EM-POWER SOUTH AMERICA 2024, Experium can help you illuminate your brand with a distinctive presence that stands out in a sea of innovation.

Spotlight on High-Quality Trade Show Stands

Experium knows what it takes to create an exhibition space that resonates with the ethos of the Energy industry. Their stands are not merely structures but storytelling platforms that encapsulate your brand’s message, vision, and commitment to future energy solutions. This is your chance to manifest your company’s role in the burgeoning field of energy, and Experium’s expertise in stand design and build will ensure you leave a lasting impression.

Preparing to Electrify the Trade Show Floor

Mapping out a strategy ahead of a major trade show is critical. Staying ahead of the competitive curve requires meticulous planning—from understanding the attendee demographics to crafting an immersive booth experience. Steps such as defining your goals, training your team thoroughly, and designing a booth that facilitates visitor engagement are imperative. Moreover, giving attention to logistic details, such as shipping, installation, and dismantling, are also part of the strategic execution which Experium can manage with aplomb.


ELETROTEC+EM-POWER SOUTH AMERICA 2024 is the event for those in the sectors of Energy Production & Transportation, Clean Energies, Renewable Energies, and Electrical & Electro technical Engineering. It offers a vast array of insights into cutting-edge technologies and business strategies. By participating, you directly align with the movers shaping our energy future and show a commitment to leading your industry forward. Engaging directly with peers, customers, and innovators, you’re not just expanding your network—you’re also charging up your business’s potential for growth and innovation.

The Spark for Future Success

Attending a trade show as prominent as ELETROTEC+EM-POWER SOUTH AMERICA guarantees exposure to the latest trends and opportunities in the energy sector. It’s a power-packed event where business meets innovation, and where each attendee can find the spark for future success. With the expert assistance of Experium in crafting the perfect trade show stand, you can ensure that your company not only participates but truly shines at this electrifying event.