APAS 2024

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Key Information and Dates:

The show APAS is being organized in São Paulo (Brazil) by Promovisão in Expo Center Norte, from 5/13/2024 untill 5/16/2024.
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Mart Šetinc

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APAS 2024: A Premier Event for the Retail and Consumer Goods Industries

Discover the Essentials of APAS 2024

Mark your calendars for a captivating journey into the world of supermarkets and consumer goods. APAS 2024, organized by Promovisão, promises to deliver an experience like no other, focusing on the diverse sectors ranging from food and beverages to beauty, health, and much more. The event, spanning from May 13th to May 16th, is of substantial significance to retailers and suppliers looking to engage with industry leaders and decision-makers in São Paulo, Brazil.

Maximize Your Presence with an Impactful Trade Show Booth

A compelling exhibition space is vital for making a lasting impression at APAS 2024. Partnering with Experium for your trade show needs ensures a standout booth that captures the essence of your brand and draws attendees in. Experium specializes in creating custom booths that are not only visually striking but also functional and aligned with your marketing strategy.

Effective Preparation: The Key to Trade Show Success

Thorough preparation can make all the difference. From setting clear objectives, designing engaging booths, and training your staff to follow-up strategies post-event, every detail counts. Prepare to tell your brand’s story engagingly, ensuring that your booth, presentations, and promotional materials effectively showcase your products and services. Additionally, knowing your audience and the competition will give you a competitive edge.

Set Your Goals

Identify what you want to achieve: brand awareness, lead generation, or direct sales. Clear goals will guide your entire approach to the trade show.

Design for Engagement

Engage visitors with interactive elements and live demonstrations. An inviting and informative booth encourages more meaningful interactions.

Train Your Team

Well-informed and enthusiastic staff are the backbone of successful trade show participation. Ensure they are capable of answering questions and engaging with attendees.

Plan the Follow-Up

Have a follow-up plan in place for the leads you generate. This could mean scheduling meetings, sending emails, or connecting on social platforms immediately after the trade show.

The Significance for Target Industries

APAS 2024 is a must-attend for professionals from a wide range of sectors. Whether your focus is on retail and shop fitting equipment, consumer goods, food processing, wine and spirits, packaging, logistics, transportation, or even pet animals, this event offers a unique opportunity to network with industry peers, witness the latest trends and technologies, and expand your market reach. For these industries, APAS reveals essential insights into consumer behaviors, emerging market trends, and technological advancements that can redefine business operations.

Explore Latest Innovations

Stay ahead of industry trends and technological advancements that are constantly reshaping the consumer goods space.

Network with Industry Leaders

APAS 2024 brings together a diverse group of professionals, providing an invaluable platform for building relationships and forging new partnerships.

Expand Market Reach

Position your brand among the finest in the industry and reach out to a wider audience, including international visitors.

With meticulous preparation and the right partner in booth design and execution, such as Experium, your APAS 2024 experience can significantly impact your business trajectory. For companies within the encompassing industries of APAS, this event represents an exceptional opportunity to showcase your innovations, understand industry shifts, and set your brand apart in the bustling market of São Paulo.