How To Have A Perfect Booth Design For A Trade Show

Key Takeaways:

  • Have a clear main goal
  • Choose your exhibition space wisely
  • Include branding in your booth design
  • Use proper lighting and technology
  • Have knowledgeable and engaging staff
  • Use a bespoke, custom booth design

At Experium, we design trade show and exhibition booths of all shapes, sizes and themes. Contact us if you want to cooperate on a booth design with us for your next trade show or exhibition event!

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Choosing a great partner such as Experium for a trade show is vital, as a great booth design will let your brand stand out from the crowd and shine among a mass of competitors at a show.

Many companies design booths for trade shows, however a small fraction of those actually make fully custom designs. Experium is one of those companies, as we deal with mostly custom designs, which are almost guaranteed to be unique at a show.

Trade show booths can be a powerful tool to represent your company at a trade show or an exhibition. It is important to stand out from the crowd at such events, because there are a lot of your competitors there and also potential clients. By having an awesome, custom booth design, you will capture much more attention of potential clients and outrank your competitors. Here are some key things to keep in mind as you plan your booth design:

Purpose Of The Booth Design

What is the main goal of your booth? Is it to generate leads, showcase products, or provide information to attendees? Knowing answers to these questions will help you decide on the overall layout and content of your booth. Therefore your booth design should reflect what you want to achieve at a trade show or an exhibition. It is the first part of designing your booth, that you can sort out even before you find a trade show partner, such as Experium.

What About The Audience?

Apart from knowing what you want to achieve at a specific trade show or exhibition, you also need to know what type of audience you are dealing with. Who is your target audience at the event? Understanding your audience’s interests and needs will help you tailor your booth design to appeal to them. This partially falls also under the category of the purpose of your booth design, as the design should be made with your target audience in mind. 

Space Available For Your Booth

Many exhibitions and trade shows have certain limitations when it comes to booth size and booth design. You should consider the size and layout of your booth space, as well as any constraints or requirements you may have. Determine how much space you have for display and storage, and plan your booth design accordingly.

It is important to know the full available size when you are deciding on the booth design - since the design depends on available space. Some designs also look better on bigger booth stands, while others make smaller stands look amazing. Your exhibition or trade show partner should be able to help you out with these issues.

The Booth Design Must Include Your Brand

Your booth design should reflect your brand’s identity and values. Use your company’s logo, colors, and messaging to create a cohesive and consistent look throughout your booth. Since there are going to be many competitors of your company at the trade show, make sure you stand out from the crowd. Having consistent branding included in the booth design should be a priority. A trade show is not worth all the effort, if customers don’t remember the name of the brand, that left a huge impression on them with their appearance.

Signage And Branding Are The Core Of A Good Both Design

Be careful to give customers a good user experience when they visit your booth. You can achieve this by using clear and concise signs to communicate your message. Guiding attendees through your booth should be done by trained employees, that are knowledgeable and insightful. 

You should also make sure to choose fonts and graphics that are easy to read and consistent with your branding. This is usually recommended and done by an exhibition partner or a trade show partner such as Experium. We use proper fonts and graphic designs when designing a booth. This is a must for all custom made booths and stands, as we understand and know the importance of consistent branding on such events.

Using Proper Lighting And Technology

Proper lighting is essential for showcasing your products and creating a welcoming atmosphere for potential clients. At Experium we usually consider using a combination of natural and artificial light to highlight key areas of your booth. This allows you to break your exhibition or trade show stand into sections by using clever lighting in combination with technology.

Incorporating technology into your booth design can add an interactive element and help you stand out from the competition. Consider using displays, kiosks, or touch screens to showcase your products and services. Many of our clients also opt-in for various combinations of those options, since they allow for an interactive stand. 

Don't Forget Furniture And Samples In The Booth Design

Since you are most likely going to aim for acquisition of new leads or customers, it is important to also include some samples and promotional material into your booth design. Display your sample products in a way that is visually appealing and easy for attendees to interact with. Many companies that attend such shows tend to display their products on stands or include counters of some sorts into the design.

This is where the furniture part of the stand design comes in. Furnishing your stand is usually carried out by the exhibition or the trade show partner you choose. They will most likely include furniture that is functional and comfortable, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Consider also using seating areas to encourage attendees to spend more time at your booth.

Staffing Your Booth Appropriately

As mentioned previously, there should also be several trained staff members on the site. Train your staff on how to effectively interact with attendees and represent your brand. Consider providing them with branded clothing or other materials to help them stand out and make a positive impression. Since most attendees and customers at an exhibition or a trade show are looking for practical information, you should be able to provide it. It is all about the good booth design that attracts people, and a human interaction that closes the deal.

Branded clothing and uniforms can also be taken care of by your exhibition partner, such as Experium. At Experium we focus on a full-scale service, which includes almost everything that you can think of in terms of the presentation of your brand at an exhibition or a trade show. Consider contacting us if you are interested in such a service!

Make A Bespoke Booth Design With Us!

By considering the factors we have mentioned and planning carefully, you are bound to succeed. With us, you can create a booth design that effectively communicates your message and engages attendees. We take care of the whole process for you, so you don't have to stress about anything. From booth idea, design, all the way to execution and final build - we have you covered! Any necessary adjustments are also taken care of before the event to ensure a successful and successful display of your brand.

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