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We are an events and exhibitions agency...

We build powerful experiences, that help brands gain a competitive advantage and achieve their business ambitions, in the events and exhibitions world.

With many years of combined sector experience, we are confident in handling your event logistics, engaging the right audience for your brand and extracting value from conferences and exhibitions.

Our belief in transparent business processes, enables us to work smarter, faster and within budget.

Experium helps brands to effectively communicate their message and build enduring relationships with their clients, by simply aligning the brand values with the needs of their audience.

We love to really get to the heart of a brief and design a bespoke solution for each project...

We partner with some of the best agencies around the world and collaborate with our clients to understand their business objectives. By utilising our industry knowledge and partner agencies experience, we can provide the best designs applicable to your sector or industry.


Differentiating values

Experienced in all aspects of Exhibitions and Events, including stewarding, floor management, security, health and safety, organising, designing, building, creating engaging content

We can provide designs for up to 150sqm stands within 2 working days.

Flexible to work on different projects within different sectors.

We know what we do best and we stick to it, and never commit to anything we can’t deliver.

We give back to a local charity wherever we work, to invest back in the local community.

Connected to a global network of suppliers, organisers and events & exhibitions professionals.

Diverse experience from our design and build teams.

We speak over 10 languages, so we can eliminate mis-understandings and ensure we deliver at the highest standard, anywhere in the world.

We can build anywhere in the world, including UAE and Qatar, where we have access to trade licenses.

We know that our industry can be wasteful, and we are committed to doing our part to offset this. We always encourage our suppliers to use sustainably sourced products, and we encourage our clients to save, store and reuse products.